IDOS command


Searches - Czech Republic's public transport information and connections finder.


Syntax: idos [from] <from> to <to> with <bus|train|all|mhdprostejov|pid|mhdbrno|...> on <date and time>

(for old versions of Ubiquity, use the following syntax: idos <from> to <to> by <bus|train|all|mhdprostejov|pid|mhdbrno|...> on <date and time>)

For the "with" attribute, value "all" is default. Other allowed values are "train", "vlak", "letadlo", "vlakyautobusy", "bus", "pid", "idsjmk", and "mhdcity", e.g. "mhdpraha", "mhdbrno", "mhdusti".

If date and time are missing, a value derived from current time is used - by default 5 minutes into the future, however this can be changed - see below.

If <from> or <to> isn't filled, a form with all other data filled is displayed instead of search results page.

There's a preview showing basic information about the first couple connections, too.


Several customizations of the command are possible through setting new variables in about:config:

sets the default place of origin that will be used if the from parameter is omited
sets the default destination that will be used if the to parameter is omited
sets the defualt timetable / type of transport used
determines how many minutes will be added to the current time, result being used as default value for the on parameter
comma-separated list that allows you to add your own list of places suggested for from and to parameters - these will be prepended to the built-in list of suggestions
determines how many results will show in preview (note that the actual number of results may be lower in some cases)

Additional info

Acknowledgement to Chaps for opening the system up to direct linking to search results - read more in their guide to link parameters - which made all the work much easier and enhances the usability of the system greatly.

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